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The Dos and Don's for your newborn session

There is nothing more exciting and nerve-racking than welcoming a new member of the family. This is a life changing event to all the moms out there. You cannot explain why, but you are willing to do everything for this little person. You have endless nights that you are watching the night sky while you are breastfeeding; your body is completely out of shape and you lost interest to look yourself in the mirror, you might shed tears or feeling depressed for changing your identity to be a mother.. But the moment you hold this little person in your arms, watching him or her smile, you will forget all the unpleasant.

To record the these precious early days for your baby, many parents choose to do a newborn photo session with the professional newborn photographer. If you have never done a newborn session, here are the things you should know.

Newborn babies grow very fast. Within days, they lose their newborn figure

  1. Remember to book your newborn session early.

The timing of the newborn session is the most important factor of having a successful session. Babies remain in newborn stage only up to 3 weeks after birth. During this time, your baby still remain the characteristics when in mothers womb- he or she is flexible, likes to be curled up and very sleepy. After this time, your baby start to be more aware of the outside world, it will become difficult to posing the baby when he or she is awake. Therefore, make sure you book your session early so I could guarantee a spot that we will not miss the first precious moments of your baby.

2. Pre-plan your session by communicate with me for your preferred color and styling of the photos. Each photographer has his or her own photo style, sometimes they don’t like to deviate too much from their style as that represents who they are and the work they do as a photographer. After decided on your perfect photographer, make sure you communicate openly based on your Home space- the color of your wall, home decor and the size of the display space about what your preferred color and styling of the photos. I would look at your home space and work into my photography style while come up with good match.

Dark, deep and rich color set up for this newborn baby boy
Dark color set up for newborn baby

3. Take time to look good for your session.

I know this is not your favorite thing to do after only days after giving birth. One of the keys to have beautiful photos is to have nice hair and makeups done, and to dress appropriately. If you feel exhausted, please reach out to me for a make up artist referral, who can help you to look confident and beautiful for your photo session.

4. During the photo session, relax and sit back, let me to do all the work.

Newborn photographers have extensive trainings on baby safety, also with my own babies, I can read their cues for their basic needs. Newborn photographers also create the best work when given space to work independently. Other than when baby needs feeding and changing, I would take care of everything else from consoles to taking pictures. I would not force the baby if he or she does not want to pose in certain way. The baby’s comfort and safety is always my top priority. So your job is to sit back, relax, take a nap if you need to, enjoy this few hours you don’t have to worry about your baby.

5. Bring your photographs to life by printing at a professional lab.

In my previous blog, I also talked about the importance of having your photos printed in a professional lab. This is how we bring your artwork to life and can be part of your home or room for many years to come. Please reach out to me to discuss the best products our clients love.

I hope this is helpful. Please reach out to me if you have any additional questions about your newborn session.


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