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Options for printing your photos and what you should know

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

Spring is here. I don't know about you, but it has been a long, depressing winter for me. Other than we rained a lot here in Vancouver, there has been challenges to contain the coronavirus all over the world. We have been isolated for so long, for everyone, from seniors to little ones, are all getting mentally exhausted from isolation. We now understand, the importance of socialization, being able to get out, to travel and being around other people Mean time, what we can do is to wait, wait patiently, aware of we are doing this for ourselves, people around us, and people we love. I am hopeful that we will fight this virus, with our human resiliency, knowledge, and technology that we accumulated over thousands of years.

Mean time, I am so glad that I had a very busy spring season especially with my Cherry Blossoms mini sessions, I was able to raise $300 for BC Children's Hospital . Meantime, I am sure you all have some beautiful memories with your family as keep sake for years to come. What would you do with the beautiful photos you love? Would you keep them in a drive, maybe share with your family and friends and keep them hidden in your computer forever? Or, would you rather print the photographs and see them coming to life?


Digital photos are important, but they can be quickly scrolled and forgotten. When you print a photograph, it becomes physical. The ability to actually touch and hold a print is a unique experience. A print is displayed somewhere, and might remain for a very long time. They become part of your life, even your children, and grandchildren's lives. This is something you could not duplicate through digital images.

In today's world, posting a photo online takes just a few seconds and people only spend a few seconds actually looking at the images in their feed. How different is that you can actually have a physical print that you can see, touch, smell and hold? Further more, when the photograph become a part of your home on your wall, it also become a home decor art piece that you look at over and over again as the years go by.


Before considering printing your photographs, the first thing you should decide is how and where you would like to display your printing.

  • If you would like wall hangings, Do you have wall space? how big or how small the wall space is? What color is your wall and your home decor? All these factors will help you to decide on how many photos you need to print and how many you can hang there, which photos to choose from.

  • If you would like a display Centre piece, you should also consider the following, size of the display shelf or table, surrounding colors, decors, and textures.


Professional printing services uses the best quality papers, which determine the quality of the printing solutions. They also use high-end printers and the best printing tools to get digital images printed on to a paper, to make your photographs come to life.

They also have options of customizable printing products, such as sizes/colors, with options to engrave your forever photo products.


I am so happy to let you know that for a limited time, my existing clients can order these beautiful products from me for the photos I took. Place your order before May 30th, 2021 to receive the exclusive pricing for a limited time as my appreciation.


Discover our lay flat, flush-mounted Photo Albums with seamless, panoramic, 800 gsm spreads. Each cover is handcrafted as we believe a personal touch goes a long way.

lay flat, flush-mounted Photo Albums with seamless, panoramic, 800 gsm spreads.

Price: 10 spread 10* 10 $285

10 spread 12*12 $315

To add text on the cover, add $15.

Please choose from the color of the cover from below

Photo Album covers selection


The Folio Box is the ideal presentation product. A handcrafted box paired with a selection of prints matted in an elegant frame.The folio box includes an elegant handcrafted and personable box in st in 10 by 10 (25cm by 25cm), or choice of sizes. It equipped with 15 prints of your choice. Also include text, a cut-out window, or leave the cover plain.


15 prints 10 by 10 $190

15 prints 8 by 10 $170

To add text on the cover, add $15.

Also choose the cover of the box from above (same as album options)


A tri-fold centerpiece with the look, feel, and quality of our Photo Albums. The perfect complement to any home. Perched upon a bookshelf, fireplace mantel, dresser, or desk the Triplex makes the ideal add-on to an album or other large print product purchase as a gift for a friend or relative.


8 by 8 $100

6 by 9 $90

To add text on the cover, add $15.

Also choose the cover of the triplex from above (same as album options)


Traditional Canvas prints are produced on Kodak Endura silver-based paper. The photo emulsion is laminated with a satin finish, stripped away from its paper base and, under high pressure, bonded to museum quality artist’s canvas.


8 by 10 $65

10 by 10 $70

12 by 12 $85

If you have any individual request such as ordering prints or different sizes of wall hangings, please reach out to me directly for quote.

Click here to bring home your artwork today.

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