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Flashback year 2020

December is a busy month for me. I had pleasure to meet some beautiful children. We know this is going to be a different Christmas, but we still want to celebrate and memorize this special year ( see my last blog post about how I completed the Christmas set up). The outdoor set up minimized health risk, also it was under a covered porch area that would not get wet when it rains.

This December is also marks my first full year into newborn photography. I am still considered myself a newbee, and there are still so much to learn about newborn photography: posing, lighting, post-editing, but I already find myself made tremendous growth within one year. Not only each session was a learning experience for myself, it is also a creation process. I am in constant search of my style and brand, and I know it may take time to get there, but I know I can and I love what I do.

Bucket set up with baby boy
My latest newborn baby Elliot taken Nov 2020

start of newborn photography
My first newborn baby taken Jan 2020 when I started newborn photography

If you see the above two newborn photos, you can see my growth within one year. There was definitely constant learning - whenever I can. Because the advanced editing for newborn photography, I had to pick up Photoshop from years ago.

I do feel proud of what I do for families everyday. I see that my photos are being printed and displayed as an artwork in my clients home. It reminds me that one thing that can stop time from passing is the photographs.

Christmas mini session with twins
My best friend's twin daughter

I also had the pleasure this year to photograph my best friend's children this year. We have known each other since 2001, now as a mother of four, including a lovely twin daughter, we live only 10 minutes away from each other.

2020 was a challenging year for all of us, COVID stopped many of us getting together with our loved ones, but we can still find love, laughter in our lives. Through my camera, I am fortunate to capture this special year for many of us, I am also looking forward to see what 2021 would bring us.

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