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You are my little valentine

Hello everyone, how have you been? I had a couple of quiet month in Jan and Feb, but I have been able to find some time to catch up on getting some marketing materials. I finally ordered my business cards and some postcards to give away. The feedback has been great. Now I just need to find some time to drop them off at different locations.

My little angel is turning two next month. It also marks one year since I created my business.Thanks to her and support from my family, I am able to do what I love and I am able to express my love of her, love of people, love of this planet through my photos.

She is definitely developing her personality, can now express openly about what she wants or she does not want. She has her preference on clothing, shoes, mittens and hat. Going outside is becoming a total challenge because she is constantly fighting for the clothing I picked for her, or she simply does not want to wear any.

Look at the bright side, she brings so much laughter and joy to this family, I do believe we all enjoy this process

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