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What to wear for your cherry blossoms photo shoot?

Cherry blossoms season in Vancouver is is my favorite time of the year. After stuck inside with months of rain, the weather all of the sudden become nice and clear in March and April. Then followed by cherry blossom season.

If you want to take advantage of this beautiful season, make sure you book a Cherry Blossoms Mini Session with me before we run out of the spots.

One of the most questions I got is what should I wear for the Cherry Blossoms photo session. Here are some tips for a successful photo session.

  1. Wear light and neutral colors. The light colored clothing suits well with overall theme of happiness and romantic.

  2. Getting out of comfort zone, wear floral. I mean, that's what cherry blossoms are all about! To show off your pretty dress with your feminine side which matches the cherry blossoms perfectly. One thing I want to mention, make sure you only have 1 person in a small sized family photo shoot to wear floral patterns, the other members preferably to stay with solid colors, Otherwise, the photos will look very busy.

  3. Wear something soft and flowy.a chiffon dress or shirt would work well too.

  4. Dark colored clothing: if one person in the family will be wear dark colored clothing, make sure the other family members wear a lighter color to tune up the color overall.

  5. My favorite colors to wear for Cherry Blossoms mini session: pink, blush, cream, beige, light blue or turquoise.

  6. Wear some accessories. A sunhat, floral crown, headband, bold colored necklace, etc will make the photos look more interesting and will stand out from your regular day to day photos.

I look forward to see you and your families during the cherry blossoms mini session.

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