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Three steps to look amazing for your family photo session

Spring is here and summer is in the air. Each year, I hold limited number of outdoor family mini sessions when the weather is nice. The most popular ones are the cherry blossom mini sessions and summer beach mini sessions. This year in 2022, I had the busiest cherry blossoms season. It always nice to catch up with some existing clients and meet new families during the mini sessions.

The most asked questions for family sessions are what to wear for the session. I always tell my clients that if you look nice and wear the right clothing, You are pretty much fifty percent set to have beautiful photos. The rest of the factors are out of your control, it will be combination of the lighting and your photographers skill (production + post-production + giving directions). Here are three simple steps to dress well and get ready for your family photoshoot.

STEP 1. Look at your shooting surroundings and determine the overall outfit tune.

You need to look at the location where you will be shooting. What color is your background? Is the location high key or low key?

High key means the photos will mostly in light colours with a light coloured or bright background. Such as on a sunny beach, or in a light coloured structure/building. For this type of background, the photos have overall tune of happiness, romantic and upbeat. In this case, the best clothing would be light color or neutral coloured clothing. Cream, beige, grey, light pink, light blue etc.

family photo at SFU in Vancouver
High Key background with light color building structures

Cherry blossoms family photo in Vancouver
High Key background with pink cherry blossoms on a sunny day

Low key is when your location is in deep/rich colours, such as in a forest, or with autumn leaves, these type of locations make people feel intimate and warm, which would be best to match with darker coloured clothing: navy blue, brown, mustard, burgundy, etc.

family newborn photos
Low Key background for newborn photos

Low key Christmas photos

STEP 2. Mismatch your clothing within your family.

Once you determined clothing overall tune, make sure you mismatch within your family. Mismatch involves mismatch the color, pattern, and type of clothing within your family.

when mismatching, remember the following rules:

  • Avoid clothing with logos

  • Avoid clothing with distractive stripes.

  • Avoid wearing the same clothing or same coloured clothing among all the family members. It is lovely to wear the same clothing for everyone, but make sure you make some small changes so you don't look all the same. How you dress should reflect who you are, your personality and your role.

Cherry Blossoms at Queen Elizabeth Park in Vancouver
This family did an excellent job mis-matching their clothing

STEP 3. Adding the elements

Let the fun begin! This is where you add elements - small accessories: hairbands, scarfs, funky necklaces, colourful earrings, beautiful shoes etc. Your photos will stand out, they will look fashionate, differentiate from day to day photos.

Family photo with cherry blossoms
Love this pretty floral hairband, it is a perfect match with the cherry blossoms

Last but not least, if you are unsure about your outfit, always check in with me, send me some pictures before your session so I could provide outfit advice.

We still have spots available for late season cherry blossom mini sessions. Register online below.

My next event will be Christmas mini session. There maybe one additional outdoor summer sunset session this year depends on the interest. Please let me know if you are interested in something like that. Also, make sure you are subscribed so you can receive the the first hand information and secure your spot as soon as possible.

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