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Summer of 2020

I know it has been a while since I provide an update! I hope you are still following me on Instagram as this is where I provide most of my updates and activities these days. You can see my recent work below.

Since the studio is re-opened after restrictions were lifted back in May, all of the sudden things were throwing at me all at once. We decided to move to a house where our family can enjoy a bigger space, especially during the Covid days. We quickly sold our apartment and bought a house in North Vancouver in Sept. This was a big move for all of us. We planned and promised we will not move again after packing and unpacking for weeks.

First days after we moved. She is here enjoying our beautiful garden

We love our new house, one night when I put her down for sleep, she hugged me and said "mommy, I love my new house". Well, that made all of our work worth it!

One thing that I am so happy about, is I finally have space for my studio. I am excited to share this with you in coming days as I am finalizing some art pieces for the wall as studio decors. I was getting so tired at setting up and taking down the equipment at every session and I had to do newborn session in my living room.

I am now fully equipped for a newborn studio, including lighting, backdrops, outfits and wraps. I look forward to meet some more moms and babies here.

This was my first twin session. I am so happy how the photos turned out eventually.
Twin love

In the fall, when the tree colors were turning, I decided to hold a Fall Color mini session, part of the proceeds were also donated to BC Children's Hospital. I was so happy that there were 5 families showed up during that one afternoon. They walked home with priceless memories to share with their family and friends.

Thank you for all your patience, I will be updating my blog again soon, hopefully about what is happening during Christmas time!

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