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Spring Cake Smash

Spring took a long time to get here. We've had a very rough start for year 2020 because the world is now under lots of worry and fear for COVID-19. Governments all over the world are taking measures trying to contain the virus, keeping the economy engine running. Stay away from the crowd, clean hands often, try not to touch face when in public- these are the tips to keep you safe. I hope as the summer comes, we will be in a better place. Sending positive vibes!

For month of February, I had another opportunity to photograph a cake smash session for a 1 year old baby- AJ. I used one of my favorite background (photo below), and ordered a cake from my regular baker. The color matches perfectly- love it!

Having a baby trying to crawl or walk around- instead stay still for photos, I used the bucket for him to sit in so I can take some good photos of him without the cake.

Thank you baby AJ, Happy 1st Birthday!!!

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