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Snow, Snow, Snow!

the story for this baby continues...

It is officially Jan 2020. We've had a very warm winter this year until January- all of the sudden, we had 30cm of snow! I think everyone struggled to get to work that day, schools and daycare all closed, transit were delayed or cancelled. During my years in SK, I experienced all the brutal driving conditions there- most of the time we drive on ice. Driving in snow is a piece of cake for me, so I had no issue to get to work!

just for fun, I created this layout in photoshop

We took a trip to Whistler in December, it was amazing! Even though my daughter was not used to snow, we really enjoyed the winter outdoor activities there: skating, night light shows, toboggan. We could not sky/snowboard as the LO is dragging our back- maybe when she gets older we can go ski together!

We also had so much fun just to enjoy the snow, see the beautiful mountains and breath the fresh air. It was a nice get away from our busy lives.

Anyhow, I had a newborn session the next day we are back from Whistler. I have been planning for this session for a while, I ordered some props and beanbags- so excited to use them for the first time. I have also been taking some online Photoshop courses to improve my photo editing skills. They really makes a big difference in my workflow!

This is the second baby in the family. Their oldest one is a bit the same age as my daughter. He was so calm during the entire process. He made a small accident but other than that everything went very smoothly.

I met the mother in one of my Christmas mini session. She is one of the most easy going client I've had! I'm so happy to meet her and her family!

Thank you SO SO MUCH for having me in this important moment of your life. I am looking forward for many more...

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