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New year's baby

Ding Dong Ding Dong, it is 2021 already. 2020 was definitely an unprecedented year for us because of Covid-19. I know with the count down we did this year at home with our close family and friends, we think back how our lives were changed so quickly 2020, and we all hopeful that our lives will be different in 2021 and forward. I don't know about you, I am dying for a vacation with my little one. Maybe a tropical place with long, sandy beach where she can play there all day, or maybe we visit a very busy city to see Disneyland. Where is your first destination after covid?

I had my first 2021 baby in the studio after the new year. He just turned one year at the end of December.

Seeing a baby as adorable as his, just make me smile.

One thing though, we tried so hard with different tricks trying to make him smile for the camera, he just decided to be a serious guy that day. According to his mom, he laughs a lot at home. We tried making goofy sounds, playing peekaboo, bedsheet trick etc on him, he just stayed serious the whole time. Oh well, I guess babies have their own minds, they do not follow adult instructions if they don't want to!

For the cakesmash, mom picked this very popular set up and she brought her own cake to the session.

This baby really surprised me with all his passion and love for cakes.

It's so fun seeing him dig right in, taking his time to enjoy the cake. One of the best cakesmash session I have had. If we did not take the cake away, we were pretty should he would have finished the whole thing.

For this cakesmash session, I used my Canon 5D MarkIV and Canon 35mm f1.4 USMII lens. I love this lens, it always focus on my subject spotlessly.

I hope you all had a good new year. I will see you soon!

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