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Can you believe it's March already? We almost passed a 1/4 of this year! March is a special month. It's the month when my daughter was born. She is turning 1 this year! The photos of her feet below was taken when she was about a week old. You can also she the bottom of her feet where she got a couple of marks from drawing blood at birth- due to jaundice... Anyways, she is happy and healthy now!

Enough about my daughter!

My post is about my dear friends Lily and Nelson. We met from prenatal class over a year ago. At that time, the moms were all carrying big bellies didn't know what to expect. See how stunning she looks now. Honestly cannot tell she just had a baby a year ago.

Anyhow, their beautiful daughter Alyssa was born 2 weeks earlier than my daughter Ellie I am very fortunate to be invited to take their family photos. Weather was so chilly that day, but the sunlight was perfect! I brought a crate, blanket and some colourful banners to set up the background. It looks warm and cozy.

They arrived with Alyssa looking adorable.

The wether was chilly that day. We had to wrap up early but we did capture some good moments. Alyssa was being a professional model, no complains and smiled a lot! Maybe mom and dad should sign her up with some model agency. lol

Thank you Lily and Nelson for having me in this family session!

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