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It's Christmas Time!

This has been the busiest year I have ever had. Despite having a full time professional job and having a little one running around at home, I am also managing my photography business. Besides the time I spent on photo shoots and editing, I also have been constantly trying to improve my skills. I wish I have 100 hour a day so I can organize my life better. On the other hand, think back my life in my twenties, I cannot believe how much time I wasted on watching TV, or surfing online. Well, I accomplished a lot this year, I feel extremely grateful of my family, my daughter, how much support and inspirations they provided. I am looking forward to more challenges next year!

I had a little break in Sept and Oct, then Christmas time is coming so I started doing Christmas mini sessions. Surprisingly Christmas sessions were so popular, lot of mommies want to send out photos on a Christmas cards

I also feel so fortunate to work with all the beautiful children, and get to know the parents as well.

Now that holiday season is around the corner, I can have some days off to update my website and work on my next big project. I am getting into Newborn photography next year. I hope to show you some beautiful photos in the near future. Stay tuned...

Thank you everyone for reading, have a happy holidays!

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