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Engagement Jisu +Liudas

Time flies half of the year has passed. Vancouver has been having really dry and hot days since June this year. Luckily the grass is still green, but we are all waiting for some rain to come down in the forecast.

I have the privilege to meet with Jisu and Liudas, and I will be part of their wedding in August to shoot for their wedding. I am SO excited! so stay tuned for their wedding photos...

When we visited Burnaby Village Museum with my family last time, I figured it's a great place for photoshoot. It has carousel ride, vintage shops and streets, so we came here!

This is one of the first shoots we took in the carousal ride

Their carousal ride would have been more beautiful for the night rides, lots of lighting and music. It feels like we traveled back in time to our childhood.

classic round shaped ring

We took some photos very quickly in the village because they were closing soon, but it was a lot of fun!

We then head out to the Deer Lake park. It was a lot of walking, but we did discover this tree on the water, it was beautiful! I had to get them to take some photos there.

This photo is so symbolic- Jiudas is leading the way to a new chapter of their lives, and to a new adventure

There are many kinds of couple, each couple is unique. For Jiudas and Jisu, one from Lithuania , one from South Korea, completely different culture, two ends of the world brought them together. What are the odds? They are super fun, loving, and they are perfect for each other!

Well, after two hours of shooting, we were both pretty worn out! I'm looking forward to their wedding in August. Are you?

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