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D's Birthday Party

Another baby turning 1! I believe I have attended at least 4 birthday parties already in March, plus one I need to plan for my daughter. I ordered her some pretty dresses to shoot her cake smash session, so stay tuned...

As her parents request, I won't mention D's name and post her images in this post. I can tell you she surely enjoyed her birthday that day. She was all over her cake, did a way better job than her cake smash session.

Here we go! The first warm day in this year. They are very lucky.

Everyone was in the game getting ready for the party!

Hanging out while working hard

Guests arrives!

D's GREAT grandma! She must be so proud!

What I love the most about parties is the children! In some way, we are holding the party for them so they can have fun. Kids are so real and easily entertained. Here are some beautiful moments

Last but not least, this beautiful cake!

And the birthday girl enjoys her cake.

Thank you for inviting me as part of this special memory. There will be many more to come.

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