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Cherry Blossoms Mini 4

May will be the last month for cherry blossom photos. When cherry tree grows leaves, we know summer is on its way. This is is the first summer for my daughter. By the time when weather is beautiful outside, she will be able to walk, maybe even running in the park, under the sunshine. We are having a family trip in Whistler next week, so stay tuned for more upcoming photos...

This is the last cherry blossoms session I am doing this year. It is a mother and her two children. Her older son is Rex, age 6. He is so active! He loves running around. I raced with him before we started taking photos, he just immediately bonded with me.

Her baby is the chubbies baby I have ever seen. He is only 5 month old, but his weight is the same as my daughter who is 1 now!

This baby is definitely a well fed baby, so cute

Brothers look so cute together. I think their age gap is perfect, because the older brother is at the age now fairly independent, but able to help mommy to look after the baby.

I remember my daughter at this age, chewing on her fingers were her favourite thing

Look how much fun they are having!

I definitely had so much fun hanging out with Rex and taking photos for his little brother. Looking forward for more sessions together!

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