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Cherry Blossoms Mini 3

I am so excited to shoot for this family. Mother has two teenager children. When I first told I was going to shoot for two teenagers, I didn't know what to expect. How are they going to position with one and other? After we warmed up, things just took off so naturally..

Mother and sister are protective of the brother. while mother and daughter are like best friends. This family has such a good connection

Looking at their photos, I hope my daughter Ellie can be close to me like them.

I don't do many individual portraits. Because they look so good on camera, I couldn't stop taking photos of them!

Her daughter is so talented. She is starting her university this year, maybe moving to a city far away from home. As a mother I can only imagine and totally feel for her mother. She wants to take these family photos and keep sake of the special memories before her daughter left.

I also love my job because of this. Memories do fade, but photos like this stays forever.

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