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Cherry Blossoms Mini 1

I am so glad the rainy season is over. Each year spring starts with cherry blossoms season in Vancouver. There are over 40,000 cherry trees bursting with pink and white cherry blossoms. For visitors, this is a must see!

However, cherry blossoms season is very short. Depends on the variety, the prime time to take photos is within two weeks in the first and second week of April.

Cherry blossoms mini session is a campaign I started in March. It ended up became very popular. I received many requests for cherry blossom photos. I went out scouting several locations for photos. One of my favourite location is near Brentwood mall. You can message me for this secret location if you would like to know where. This street is very quiet, but filled with beautiful cherry trees.

The first family I am shooting is a super sweet family who has a little girl (only 4 month old). Taking photos for 4 month old baby outdoor is very challenging, as they are not quite sitting up yet. The poses can't get too creative either as the parents always need to hold her in both hands for support. The weather was fairly chilly that day. We had to bundle her up! She was such a sweetheart- no crying, just really enjoyed the outdoor air and being under the cherry blossoms.

Luckily I brought this tub so she can sit in there and taking some photos on her own. Lesson for me- photographer always need to be prepared when out for shooting.

I did wish I placed the knitted blanket more carefully so it's showing the bottom part of the tub .

Daddy needs to do all the lifting work!

I always enjoy taking photos of daddy and daughter bond. It's so special

We love the flower paddles dropping everywhere on the ground. So beautiful!

At the end we found out they moved from Manitoba to Vancouver- almost same situation as my family! Coming from a very cold place, we both appreciate the weather and the flowers we have here in Vancouver.

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