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Casual Photos

It's been a while since I take photos of Ellie. She grows up so fast, until I see the photos of her, I don't realize she is no longer a baby. Technically she is a "child" now.

Ellie is quietly playing- on very rare occasions.

I would say every parenthood has its joy and challenges. She is such a happy baby. At the same time, she is high demand, high energy, and very sensitive child.

Playing with my photography props

Comparison to the babies in similar age, she is quite independent and confident. I hope she keeps her personally, live a happy and healthy life.

She also becoming a picky eater. I assume it's because of her strong mind. Her favourite food so far: tofu, sea bass, boiled eggs, and noodles. Sometimes I spend 1 hour trying to cook her something new. One time I baked muffin, another time I baked quiche. She tried for one bite and spitted out.

This is her victory face when she was able to stand up on her own- yes, she is missing one sock.

Happy birthday Ellie! Time goes by too fast and you grow too fast too!

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