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Cake Smash

As mentioned in my previous post, I am creating my daughter's own cake smash session. I found this beautiful vintage style dress on AliExpress. It took a long time to ship the dress, but it turns out to be perfect.

I created a simple back drop to match with her outfit and the cake. The cake was ordered from my regular baker. It is so beautiful. Exactly what I wanted.

So here we go! We put the cake in front of her. She was playing with everything else but the cake! Not interested!

Eventually we had to hide some of her snacks in the cake so she can TOUCH the cake.

She looks like she is eating cake, but she is eating cracker

She also tried to escape from her cake for many times. Poor grandma had to drag her back every time. Feel like we did a full work out after taking these photos.

Yum yum, you want a piece of cracker?

The cleanest cake smash ever!

At the end of this session, we were supposed to take a foam bath for her. Since she is still having cold, we ended up put her in the bathtub and just let her play in there.

Blow some bubbles helps to keep her inside a bit longer.

But not very long, she escaped

Well that was fun!

I'm looking forward to do more cake smash sessions for more babies. Each session takes a lot of pre-planning and post-editing. You can reach me so we can draw up a plan for your personalized cake smash session.

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