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Baby Harrison is 100 Day old

Summer is finally on its way. In the past week, we've been having some beautiful weather. It is time to put away your rain boots and rain coats!

I got a request for a mom to take some photos for a 100 day old baby. 100 days is a milestone for babies from China. I haven't shot 3 month old babies for a long time, I am particularly excited about this one. A three month old baby is no longer a new born. This is the age when he became more alert to the surroundings, but still not mobile. I came up with some ideas and props to help bring out the best of this baby at this age.

It was a beautiful sunny day that day. I got to their home when baby Harrison just woke up from his nap. He was in a good mood at least. He was curious but happy to see a strange face showing up at his home.

Not much we can do about wrapping or posing babies like his age - so I decided to put him in this bucket.

I have to say, his mom does a really good job looking after him. He is so chubby!

On the other hand, his mom is so slim!

Due to his dad's work, his mom basically looking after this baby on her own. It is a lot of work! I have been lucky, I got lots of help after my daughter was born from both sides of our family. Only few months we were looking after her on our own. I find the most challenging is meal prep for ourselves. It is hard to find time cooking or keeping a healthy diet, keeping the house tidy as well. Not sure how she does it, but don't ever underestimate what a mom can do.

This is my favoriate image from this shooting

Mommy's life is so busy: changing diapers, feeding, bathing, cleaning the house, cooking, keeping your LO entertained, etc. We forgot to take a moment like this, just to do nothing and enjoy the stillness and fulfillment being a mother. Babies don't have a lot of asks, they are happy as long as they are fed and being held by mothers.

I wait around for baby Harrison to take a nap. This is the most beautiful moment I have ever captured: A sunny mid day in her apartment, when everything is quiet- We can only hear baby Harrison rhythm of breathing. He is sleeping in his mother's arm- so peaceful and relaxed. "A mother's arms are made of tenderness and children sleep soundly in them"- Victor Hugo.

After he wakes up, we took a walk in the park, took some beautiful photos.

Thank you for having in on this special day baby Harrison! I look forward to see you growing strong. I hope years pass when you a grown man, these photos bring back your memories of how much your mother love and caring for you when you were little.

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