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Babies born in the Covid world

It has been a strange and difficult times for everyone. I hope everyone has been keeping safe and healthy. Covid-19 as a surprise spread out all over the world very quickly back in March, where many of the countries had to shut down the economy to stop the spread. To date, there are over 5 million confirmed cases, over 345,000 people died from this virus.This unprecedented time created so many uncertainties about our future, about our environment, about peace.

However, babies have to come to this world as planned. Lot of them are coming during the lock down of the hospitals. Enhanced measures taken in the hospitals to keep mothers and babies safe. My studio also closed for over 2 month, I had to turn down some babies because for newborn photography, we are in close contact of the babies, it is impossible to keep social distance.

My home studio was reopened in May as party of phrase II reopen plan by British Colombia government.I have been trying to figure out a plan to reopen the studio safely, and the new policies are now in place.

On top of what I have above, I am only taking newborn baby once a week, no other in studio session at this point.

Baby Maddison was the first baby came into my studio after the reopen. She was born on May 3rd, 2020, her birth weight was 8 pounds 8 ounces.

Her parents are such an adorable and easy going couple. We had lots of fun spending over 3 hours together.

She was a bit unsettled at the beginning, but after a full feed, she did so well for the rest of the session.

As I photography more babies, I did notice the older the babies get, the more difficult to it became to pose the baby. Starting from 2 weeks and onward, babies are getting used to being in the outside world, wanting to stretch a lot. The ideal time to photograph newborn is 5-10 days old.

I have also find my love of neutral tune and simple poses for the baby. I do have many colored wraps, but the wrap above is just a cheese wrap, which has been my favorite to crate a natural look.

Babies should not be posed in any position that is not safe or not natural. Not because they are difficult to achieve, but many of the poses you see online have done through pose processing, it is also not a natural way of how the baby should be positioned.

I look forward taking more babies photos as I reopen safely. I hope you all coping well during this pandemic.

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